Coaching Information
Erick Crans is the Coach Coordinator and Assistant Club Manager. Please contact him if you are interested in coaching or you have any questions. (

All new and returning coaches must be registered online by using the Online Coach Registration every year.

  •  To register for the new season, go to  
  • You will need to login by clicking "Member Login"  
    • If you were a coach last year, use "Forgot password?" and enter you email address.
    • If you are a new coach or your email is not know you will need to create an account first. 
  • Once you get a temporary password, login and change your password.
  • Click on "Register Now" and choose "2017-2018 Coaches" register now.
  • Fill in the form.  Background Information is required and the Experience is optional.
  • Finish the waivers and you are done.

Fingerprinting is required for new coaches.  A form will be provided at the end, please save it.  You will be informed where and when to go for fingerprinting that is provided by the league.


Coaching Clinics
You must have your F license to be a head coach in CVYSL in U8 and above.

If you were a head coach last year and is planning on coming back to head coach again you must get a coaching license. Citrus Heights Soccer club will pay for your class. Sign up and pay for the class. After you pass your class send a copy of your license to the coach coordinator. When the season starts the club will reimburse you.

The link below is the calendar for the classes. The only license you need is the F coarse. Keep checking the web page. Sometimes you'll see new classes being offered.  CHSC will be providing courses also.  Please contact the Coach Coordinator if you are interested or need a class.


Coaching Tips, Help, and Links

As you coach, one of the fundamentals that we'd like you to remember is that you should always try to avoid lines. When your players stand in lines, they are getting fewer touches on the ball. Want to know how to avoid lines? Click on this link to read Soccer 101's Advice on Avoiding Lines in Practice. In that illustration, the difference is 5 minutes vs. 30 seconds of soccer development. This is very good advice and you should work to structure your practice to almost always avoid lines (not always possible, but make it a goal of yours). Also, when players stand in line they will tend to misbehave and lose focus. If each one has a ball at their feet, they're ALL active and will be easier for you to manage. This is important at the younger ages!

11 tips or coaching the little ones from Soccer America!

Make sure to structure your practice:
1. Keep it Fun
2. Have a Plan - write it down and know your drills before you start
3. Arrive Early
4. Use Small Sided Games , Why Small Sided Games?
5. Use Progressions
Click Here for a summary of this practice structure.

Soccer Drills For Your Practice:
Having a set of drills that you use for practice that you have studied and know well is important. Keep the practice flowing and keep it moving. Avoid down time, talking, and excessively long water breaks. A good practice gets every one of your players 1000+ touches on the ball (yes, divide that by 60 minutes).  Click here and study these drills for your practice.  Pick some of these that are age appropriate and structure your practices around them. Keep in mind that you need to develop both dribbling and passing skills.

The Offside Rule:
The offside rule can be difficult to learn and explain, this is a great visual summary of the offside rule.

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